We are a duo of business strategists-turned-environmentalists, doing our part to shape a new sustainable economy, and going at it with the tools we know best — business strategy, leadership engagement & digital innovation.


Mawuena Tendar

Mawuena co-founded Standard Deviation to leverage her expertise and energy to help kickoff ecological transitions in the business world.

In the past decade, she has worked with organizations like Chanel, Hachette, Shiseido, LinkedIn, SNCF, Groupama, LinkedIn, Danone, Airbnb and The Whitney Museum. Mawuena serves on the board of ILRC, a pioneering non-profit empowering immigrant communities, as well as on the board of INCO, a leading impact investment fund.

Optimism is what drives Mawuena in her work. Her multicultural and social sciences background makes her a profound believer in humans. It's contagious.

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Lara Pagnier

Lara co-founded Standard Deviation to leverage her skills and network toward a world of greater ecological and social integrity.

Prior to Standard Deviation, Lara consulted with both startups & major corporations, always maintaining a foot in each world. She currently serves on the board of Leroy Merlin, Europe’s leading home-improvement retailer. Over the past decade, Lara has worked with organizations such as LinkedIn, the Knight Foundation, AT&T, Sony, Shiseido, Peugeot-Citroen, UCSF, the City of San Francisco, frog, TechShop, and Pictet.

Lara is as much committed to the environmental cause, as she is to honesty. Her background in design & branding makes her especially attuned to inconsistencies. She won’t let go and will help you aim higher.

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We live between New York and Geneva, and partner around the globe.

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